How can I get free coins?

There are 5 ways to get free coins.

1. Get free coins from the "daily bonus" every day.

2. Getting a maximum of 100 coins from the "Free Chest" (4 chances every day).

3.Share your invitation code to your friends, your friends will get gold coins when playing games.

4.Joining Prize Show Time to share your moment to get coins.

5. Joining our wonderful activities to get coins.

How to top up?

There are 5 ways to get free coins.

You can go to recharge interface to top up.

You can get coins and coupons for delivery service every time.

How do I delivery my toys?

After you grabbed toys, we will keep it for you for 30 days. In that period, you can apply delivery.

$10.99 for 1 item.

$16.99 for 2 items.

$20.99 for 3 items (3 items are maximum).

You can use coupons to deduct the fee. Only one coupon can be used at one time, and it cannot be reused.

Tips: It will be cheaper if you go to top up first to get the coupon then go shipping.

What if I accidentally clicked "Confirm" when I didn’t receive the delivered dolls?

If you filled your receiver’s info correctly, then the shipment will be delivered with no issue, so no worry for that.

About Doll’s Expiration Date

The expiration date for most dolls you caught is 30 days(Different dolls have different expiration date). If you haven’t applied the delivery after 30 days, the prizes will be transferred to coins automatically.

What if the cost coin is incorrect is shown in the game?

If that happens, please send us your history of coins, we’ll help you to verify and compensate you.

How to play OpenWoW?

OpenWoW is the same as other claw machines you played in real life, but now you just need to control the claw on your phone! Once you grabbed dolls and prizes, we‘ll send them to you in no time! If you have any other issues, please refer to our, we will be glad to help you!

Which country do we offer delivery service?

How long will it take me to receive my prize?

The normal dolls, you will get tracking number within 30 days and get the prizes in 20 days after you get tracking number.

The puzzle pieces prize, we will buy them from amazon for winners in sequence, so we do not have estimate shipping time yet. But we will email you when we are ready to purchase your prize.

How can I track my items?

After we shipped out your items, you can see a tracking number by clicking the "shipping" bottom. Put your number on then you can see the tracking information.

What if I caught 2 dolls at a time?

If this happens, please take a screenshot of it, send to our Facebook page, we’ll check for you and send you what you got!

What if I caught dolls but the system shows I failed?

Please follow the steps below to make a claim:

1. Provide your player ID

2. The timezone you are in

3. The screenshot of your grab record which clearly shows your grab time and “Failed” information on it (you can find the grab record from “My Dolls“, and please highlight that specific turn).

After you provided this information to us, we will work out the result for you within 3 working days, and we will add the prize for you.

Attention: as some players are trying to defraud the prize these days, once we verified that if the doll did not fall into the hole, their accounts will be suspended and all of their prizes will be canceled. We will not allow these players to undermine the game and affect our working efficiency.